What you get in the box of the Dlink router?

  • Dlink router
  • Ethernet cable
  • Power adapter
  • Quick User Guide
  • Wi-Fi configuration card

Dlink router setup

Follow the steps for the Dlink router to set it up.

  1. Take out the adapter and connect it to the router and put it’s another end into the wall socket.
  2. Connect your modem and router by using WAN ports of both.
  3. Wait till the LED power light on both router as well as modem lit up.
  4. Open a computer or mobile device. Go to the network settings and you will see the wireless network name. Connect to it by entering the password.

Open the web browser and type the web address of your choice and if the website opens then the internet connection is working properly but if it does not then there may be some issue. Read out the FAQ, your problem may get resolve by applying the solutions given there. If you want some more details then do it manually.  Access in the address bar and then setup wizard guides you throughout the process. You have to fill details wherever required and click on next each time to proceed.

We are providing solutions for various issues that you may encounter while configuring your Dlink router.

  1. How to access d link router settings?

To access d link router settings, connect your device to the Dlink network and then type IP address in the browser’s web address. A login page prompts. Enter the default username and password if you have not changed yet.  The router’s settings page opens up. You can now access and change dlink router settings as you want.

  1. What to do if encounter D link setup issue?

If you are encountering issue in opening of d link admin page that is required for the setup then clear cache of your browser and disable firewalls. Check the connection to the cables and check the LED status lights.

  1. What is the default web address to open the login page of dlink router?

Dlinkrouter local is the default web address to access the login page of the dlink router.

  1. How to change the dlink password?

To change the password, open the configuration page first and then go to wireless settings. Here, you can change the password for your router as well as extender.

  1. How to change wifi settings for dlink router?

To change these settings, open the web interface of the dlink router.  Go to setup then wireless settings. Click on manual wireless connection setup and then change the settings as you desired and then save the settings by clicking on save button.

This setup is applicable to the models: Dlink DIR 816, Dlink DIR 615, Dlink DIR 825, Dlink DIR 655, Dlink DIR 868I, Dlink DIR 601, Dlink DIR 882, Dlink DIR 880I etc.