Dual Band Connectivity

Dual band routers make it possible to have uninterrupted internet access to the users. It means faster speeds and less interference.

MU-MIMO Technology

MU-MIMO stands for Multi User- Multiple Input Multiple Output. This technology helps in getting the high speed by distributing the data efficiently.

Beamforming Technology

Helps the router in finding the devices on the network and directly transfers the WiFi signal to those particular devices.

Quality of Service


Prioritizing the devices by determining the type of network traffic. Give priority to devices streaming HD videos for better user experience.

User Friendly Web interface

The web interface provided by the Dlink is simple to use and provide all the advanced features. The Dlink setup is also easy through the setup wizard. Get in touch for Dlink support.

Guest Network for the visitors

Setup a separate network for your guest. This will secure your main network and prevents unwanted access to your files and documents. Getting issues in setting up guest network? Connect with us.

Parental Control Sets Internet curfew

Keep your children or family members away from the malicious websites. You can set a timer for your children to access the internet. Take help from us in setting up parental controls.

How to get a proper wireless network from your Dlink router?

You may get issues while accessing the internet from your dlink router’s network. The reason behind this may be software issues or physical interference by some devices. Network signals are not perfect all the time as there are so many devices connected to the router at a time. Some of the troubleshooting steps we are giving here. Hope, they will be helpful for you.

• Place your Dlink router in a centralised place or near to your wireless devices to get a proper connection. • If there are devices which emit radio frequencies then switch them off or place away from the router. If the problem still persists then reset your router or take dlink support. • After resetting the dlink router, launch an Internet browser to open the setup page of dlink. Enter the default credentials in the given fields. • Click on setup wizard and create a new password for your router’s network by following the instructions. • Download the latest firmware if your router does not have one. As the new firmware comes with new features and better performance. Hence, providing the better wireless signal. If you have any doubt in the above troubleshooting tips or wants to know how to reset or download the latest firmware, feel free to send us your query on live support window.

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